GoEvidence Forensic Laboratories is West Technologies North American Sales Agent.

VMD Sales + Leasing


West Technology Systems Limited is a UK-based specialist in vacuum engineering and control instrumentation. (ISO9001:2008)

GoEvidence provides sales, support, and training on all of the VMD360 Series, VMD560 Series, and the VMD900 Series of their Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) systems. UK-Based West Technology Systems Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Vacuum Metal Deposition Systems and together with GoEvidence, we are able to provide equipment, technical assistance, consumable products, training, and process evidence for all Police and Forensic customers.

  • Fast Process Cycle - typically less than 15 minutes
  • High Definition Fingerprints developed with fine detail often down to 3rd level detail
  • Develops fingerprints on a wide range of non-porous exhibits including plastic packaging, plastic or glass bottles, polymer bank notes, food wrapping (e.g. Saran Wrap or Cling Film), firearms etc.
  • Develops fingerprints on a wide range of semi-porous exhibits including glossy magazines, waxed paper, bank notes etc.
  • Develops fingerprints on 'wet' exhibits e.g. items that have been submerged in water
  • Develops fingerprints on exhibits that are processed many years after the crime
  • Develops ~15% more fingerprints than the cyanoacrylate and dye technique
  • Lower cost (per process run) than cyanoacrylate fuming
  • Unlike cyanoacrylate, VMD doesn't gum up firearms for subsequent ballistic tests
  • Doesn't affect DNA
  • Can be used to indicate grab or touch areas on clothing for targetted DNA analysis

    VMD 360 Bench Top

    Click to watch Video: VMD 360 Bench Top Video: VMD 360 Bench Top

    VMD can develop fingerprints on tight weave fabrics and clothing such as nylon, satin and polyester.

    Click to enlarge VMD 360 Bench Top VMD 360 Bench Top

    On fabrics with a loose weave VMD can identify areas of contact i.e. grab impressions, that can aid more focused DNA swabbing/extraction.

    • Compact and affordable
    • World's first bench top VMD system
    • 360 mm x 360 mm x 300 mm D Stainless steel front loading chamber
    • Flate plate and semi-cylindrical enamelled work holder
    • Can handle 285 mm x 480 mm single flexible plastic sheet
    • Full colour, touch sensitive 7" HMI control screen
    • Compact footprint 900 mm W x 600 mm D x 700 mm H
    • Intuitive menu - Simple to use
    • Simple installation - only mains electric required

        VMD 560 Compact

        The VMD560CX control system provides simple automatic operation of the vacuum system start up, close down, chamber pump down and vent.

        Click to watch Video: VMD560 Compact Video: VMD560 Compact

        The VMD560CX has a powerful, high performance vacuum system comprising of a cryogenic vacuum pump and a double stage rotary pump to ensure the fastest possible chamber pump down time.

        Click to enlarge VMD 560 VMD 560

        The work holder is fully retractable and locks at three positions of 45, 90 and 180 degrees) for easy loading of exhibits. Flat exhibits can be secured easily with small magnets. Bulky exhibits can be suspended from the work holder by thin wire.

        • Compact, self-contained system
        • 560 mm dia x 610 mm D front loading stainless steel chamber
        • Powerful, high performance cryogenic high vacuum pump
        • Full colour, touch sensitive 10.5" HMI control screen
        • Fully retractable semi-cylindrical enamelled work holder
        • Can handle 560 mm x 720 mm single flexible plastic sheet
        • Minimal installation  - only mains electric and cooling water required

          VMD 1260

          • Large horizontal cylindrical vacuum chamber (770mm dia. x 1260mm D)

          • Can process a range of exhibits from hunting rifles to large plastic packaging sheets or fabrics up to 1214mm x 1200mm

          • Adaptable work holder for processing bulky exhibits e.g. firearms or baseball bats

          • Fully retractable work holder with locking positions at 45°, 90° and 180° for easy loading/unloading

          • Full colour, touch sensitive 10.4”HMI control screen

          • Intuitive menu driven control screens for ease of operationIntuitive menu driven control screens for ease of operation

          • Only electric power and cooling water required

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