GoEvidence Forensic Laboratories specializes in the development of latent fingerprint evidence. We provide single piece and case backlog services to law enforcement, private parties, and corporations.

Backlog Reduction

Reducing a Backlog with High Quality Standards

GoEvidence Forensic Laboratories works closely with agencies to help reduce the case backlog while working within a specific timeline and budget. We take the neccessary time to work each case as if it were done in your own lab. Our quality of work is held at the highest industry standards and our processing equipment and techniques are the best available.

      Contracts Designed for the Agency

      Cases can be submited once a week, month, or quarter and can be submitted on a revolving basis. When processing has been completed on a group of cases, the cases are returned and another order can be submitted for processing. Some agencies may find it easier to ship a large amount of cases at one time and other agencies may only send 1 to 5 cases at a time.

          Shipping + Receiving

          We work closely with Evidence Specialists and the Administration Office to see that forensic evidence is packaged and shipped safely. Sending evidence via postal services with a tracking number is an accepted, common method for government police agencies (City, County, State, and Federal).

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